In 4 steps
we help your organisation to your humain workforce

de future of work is

People look for meaning in their work. By contributing to society, using their skills and do tasks that are meaningful. Organisations face a growing urgency to make work meaningful due to a lack of engagement and years of reduced productivity.

We integrate the future skills of the WEF (World Economic Forum) and the IDG qualities (Inner Development Goals).
We deploy AI for routine tasks making people more productive, developing the right skills and have them experience meaningful work.

PurposeMEANINGFUL WORKSkillsTimeTechnologiesCOLLABORATIVE AIQualitiesENGAGED PEOPLETasksHumainpower®


de route to a
humain workforce

4. We make a
GAP analysis!

Based on these 3 steps, we make a GAP analysis to clarify where you stand in changing the future of work within your organisation. We map out where you are now and plot the route to where you want to be. You will know:

  • which routine tasks will be taken over by AI and how much time and space will be created
  • where productivity gains are greatest
  • what the most important future jobs are within your organisation
  • which skills (WEF) and qualities (IDG) are present and which need further development
  • how involved your people are with your purpose

humain workforce!

Discover the key to your future of work today! Contact us and let us transform your organisation into a future full of opportunities.’

We start with the most important link in the route to your future of work: leadership and management.
They are essential in the successful integration of AI into daily tasks, further developing skills and qualities of employees, increasing engagement by creating a safe, trustworthy working environment.

we can do a lot for you but not everyting
where can we help and where not

Because a principle is only really a principle if it costs money, we are very clear about what we are good at and what not. We will always be transparent about whether we can help you.

this is where we say yes to .....

And here we say no to!

We do have an extensive partner network so we can (almost) always help you with your specific question!

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