Meaningful work. How do you do it?

For the magazine Goed Bestuur & Toezicht, I wrote an article on the future of work that is meaningful. A humain workforce where humans & AI work together.

Meaningful work is not just about a company with a purpose but is about what tasks you do in your work and to what extent your skills and talents are used. At humain power, we know that with the right use of technology, tasks and skills change and thus can realise more meaning in work.

Read the whole article (in Dutch) here and if this tastes like more or you want to give feedback, I’d love to get in touch.

De toekomst
van werken

Er wordt al jaren geschreven over de toekomst van werk. Maar is die er niet al lang? We kunnen er naar blijven kijken of over blijven nadenken maar we kunnen ook gewoon gaan doen!

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