Our values

Our core values are the essence of Humain Power: pure, fresh, bold and energy.

We embrace the pure potential of every individual, encourage a fresh perspective on challenges, be bold in embracing change and bring energy to everything we do.

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who are we

We are experts on the future of work. We have combined our experience, talents and strengths to help organisations implement their future humain workforce.

Carolijne Frank-Myjer

The only impossible journey is the one you never begin

My dream is that we will use the freed-up time to make an impact from your unique talent and ambition.

My experience
I have over 25 years of experience within Executive Search and placing C-level professionals purely from the potential of the person, rather than the CV. I started Whyz Executive Search in 2010. This has grown into a leading search agency. I also have various Supervisory Board roles, with people & business coaching as my expertise.

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Saskia Nijs

The important thing is to never stop questioning

My dream is that technology innovation lets us be more human in the future of our work.

My experience
I have more than 25 years of experience at tech organisations. From the start of the internet, the change to the cloud and now the rapid rise of AI. Since 2003, I have been connecting that experience with the future of work (people and technology). I have worked at organisations like Microsoft and Philips, as a columnist at the FD and speaker at the SpeakersAcademy. I combine my work with scientific research.

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some examples of the work we do
Use cases

Below are some of our use cases where, using the humain workforce approach, we have helped organisations with issues around engagement, workload and AI implementations.

engagement at the basis

At a mid-sized risk manager, the primary demand was to achieve more engaged employees as there was high turnover, vacancies were not being filled and the focus was on Buy & Build. Through creating a lived shared vision and strong core values, an authentic employer brand was created, ‘Be the You in the Bigger Blue’. This puts the unique qualities of the employees at the centre. By guiding the management team, managing by qualities ensures long-term success.

Reducing workload through reskilling

A large part of this energy company was at home with a burnout. The workload was too high and employees were not engaged in their work and only used a small part of their potential. By setting up an AI platform for all customer contacts, employees were able to further develop their technical skills, helping customers even better and getting employees back to work with a lot of energy.

AI as the personal assistant

At a scale-up working in the technology sector itself, we realised a humain workforce. This organisation is very good at innovating with their customers but they themselves did not have a future of work strategy for how their employees could work smarter. With the use of co-pilot, their business analysts and software developers can spend more time on customer relations and innovations and are now leading the way themselves in using AI as a personal assistant.

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