ChatGPT: A Bullshit Tool For Bullshit Jobs

Get rid of the bullshit job thanks to AI!

Good article on how AI can help reduce the number of bullshit jobs or tasks. Did you know that 25% of people self-report having a bullshit job? How great is it if AI can help give meaning to your work instead and start doing what you are really good at, which adds value and makes you happy? Is AI the chance for us to have a 4-hour working day? What philosophers back in the 18th century thought was the maximum for humans?

The quote I resonated most with this strong article: ‘People should be able to work 4-hour days, as Graeber thinks. But the system won’t allow that. That’s exactly why ChatGPT has found such widespread adoption among bullshit workers (and students).
The question was never ‘why do people choose to use ChatGPT?’ as Hofstadter implies, but ‘why do people feel the need to do so?’
The answer is evident now: What else but a bullshit-generating tool to cancel out bullshit-requiring tasks so people can finally fill their lives with something else?” How AI makes it possible to be more human. Thanks Jimmy de Vreedefor sharing this article.

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