Why it’s the HR and IT director’s turn now.

Organizations are struggling with the new normal. How do we ensure that we can achieve our work in a different way and continue to achieve our results? There is no question that we will be working more from home, but how to organize this properly is still a mystery to most people.

Where the dialogue mostly lingers on working from home and how best to organize it, I miss the vision that companies should have about how they want the two most important parts of their business to work together: employees and technology. And that’s why I argue that the HR and the ICT director together set the new vision and strategy for the company. The CFO gets to take a vacation because results come from leveraging the full potential of your employees and technology and is not determined by an excel spreadsheet.

With the acceleration of the last few months, we have learned even more about the added values of our human potential, as well as what tasks technology can accomplish. So in your organization, make sure that you not only look at the goals you set but more importantly what tasks you let technology fill and where you want to put your people’s values. This will not only make them happier but also much more productive. Away from routine work and moving toward adding values from creativity, innovativeness and connection. A new role in your organization: the CHITO.

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