A good question is better than the right answer

t takes two to tango is a winged saying that I use almost daily. Besides reminding me of my grandparents dancing the tango together in the living room, it means to me that I always try to look for the other side of a story, for the reason why things happen or don’t happen, and for the question behind the question. Because if I don’t understand that, I can’t change or judge certain situations either. We teach it on all the management courses: ‘ask 3x why’ or ‘learn to listen,’ and in that the most important thing as far as I am concerned is: ask the question. A good question is better than the right answer. This is also what I find so missing in the whole discussion right now about the Corona fight. We hardly ask questions anymore. We look at numbers and graphs and we discuss solutions and express our opinions in them. We take almost no time for the question anymore. Because as far as I am concerned, what is the question that lies beneath all the talk, numbers and measures? How do we want to get out of this Corona era and what does that look like to you? As a society and society or as an organization, retailer or family and you personally? If we ask each other that question, I think we will understand each other more and the solutions will be different from what we are used to.

We then define together a new horizon and with it a new and positive outlook. I challenge everyone, not only the media, but also during conversations at work, at school or simply with friends and family, to ask about our perspective. How do we want to live, work, celebrate and be together after Corona?

De toekomst
van werken

Er wordt al jaren geschreven over de toekomst van werk. Maar is die er niet al lang? We kunnen er naar blijven kijken of over blijven nadenken maar we kunnen ook gewoon gaan doen!

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