AI is just a fad

Actually, I’m a bit done with AI! Isn’t it a huge fad? Why all the fuzz about it? That feeling creeps up on me more and more. Even more tools, even more ideas, even bigger investments. But still, I am enormously involved in the rise of AI. Why? Because every new technology so far has promised us that we could work less. And just the opposite turned out to be the reality. Even harder, even more often and even more we have started working since the rise of the cloud. The assembly line that was supposed to spare us has caused us to introduce managers who also often no longer have 9-to-5 jobs. Even now, AI promises that we will get about 30% more time savings. And I believe that too. But the main question for me is: what are we going to do with those time savings? Or will we let it happen to us and the next generations have to work harder than us again because AI is just so much cheaper and so we have to work more to pay our expenses?

Let us dare to dream how we want and can work in the future. Not out of fear, but out of opportunity. Everyone will want to contribute so do some form of work, but with meaning and where you feel you can add value with your knowledge, experience and qualities. The future of work is human! Human beings as the starting point and AI facilitates the realisation of meaningful work. That requires something different and that is difficult and sometimes unruly, but I can tell you from experience that it is enormously rewarding. Every day again! #futureofwork #humainpower #humanandtech

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De toekomst
van werken

Er wordt al jaren geschreven over de toekomst van werk. Maar is die er niet al lang? We kunnen er naar blijven kijken of over blijven nadenken maar we kunnen ook gewoon gaan doen!

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